Condominium is a multilevel building which is built in an area that is divided into sections which are structured functionally, whether horizontally or vertically that constitutes as units in which each can be owned and used separately, mainly for housing complemented with common equipment (bagian bersama), common facility (benda bersama) and common land (tanah bersama). Condominium is regulated in the Law Number 20 of 2011 on Condominium (“Law No. 20/2011″).

Land on where the building of Condominium stands is a commonland. According to the law, common land is a piece of land used under an undividedcommon right, which is a Condominium building over it, determined in accordance with the building license.

According to Article 1 point 5 and 6 of Law no. 20/2011 common equipment is part of Condominium that is undividedly owned for common use, in a unified function of a Condominium. The examples of these are foundation, column, wall, floor, block, roof, stair, pipes, electricity system, gas, telecommunication and public area of a Condominium. Then, common facility is defined as a thing that does not form part of a Condominium, but jointly owned undividedly, for common use. The examples of these are park, landscaping, social building, religious building, playground, and parking space which is separated or integrated with the structure of Condominium building. Accordingly, based on the definitions set out above, of parking space is regarded as a common facility.

Sartika DY Darwis

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