Indonesia Lawyer – Eddy Leks’ Legal Column Published by Property&Bank Magazine

Our CEO of Leks&Co writes an article titled “FUNGSI SOSIAL HAK MILIK” as published in property section of Property&Bank Magazine. The article summarizes UUPA governing the rights of the Indonesian nation []

Legal Protection for Good Faith Buyer under Supreme Court Decision No. 306/K/TUN/2015

Learning Points A good faith buyer shall be protected from the perspective of civil law, state administrative law, and criminal law. The buyer of land is considered as good faith []

Real Estate Podcast – New Podcast on Real Estate Law

We are pleased to announce that our new podcast on real estate law, has just been released. You may access it through this link. This 8th season podcast focuses on topics: []

Lawyer Indonesia – Loan To Value Ratio and Financing to Value for Property

Article of our Eddy Leks featured in Property&Bank magazine Eddy Leks’ article titled, “Loan to Value Ratio and Financing to Value for Property” discusses that the rate of Loan To []

Jakarta Lawyer – Eddy Leks Quoted by TheJakartaPost newspaper in its Post: GOVT EYES CORPORATE MONEY TO PROMOTE LAND REFORM

Our lawyer Eddy Leks was interviewed by The Jakarta Post daily newspaper to give comments on land reform program in Indonesia, especially whether or not the government is able to []

Jakarta Lawyer – Our Associate Mirza Aulia on Construction Services Law

Our Associate Mirza Aulia, Speaks about Construction Services Law  at Leks&Co Lawyers office on Friday, 10 February 2017  

Our Represented Case Becomes One of the Legal Jurisprudences

Supreme Court Decision No. 3047 K/Pdt/2014 The Supreme Court of Indonesia rejected the cassation filed by Unusdang aka M. Yunus D., and upheld the decision of High Court of Pekanbaru, []