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As a leading law firm in Indonesia, Leks&Co always looks for a highly competent, intelligent and good character employees to be part of our team. Our employees are our valuable resources. This is important so that Leks&Co is able to provide highest quality of legal services to our Clients. To this end, we expect people joining us fulfilling our certain core values.

  • Integrity and Ethical Conduct – courteous, lenient, a proper conduct when thinking, feeling, and behaving about something or somebody;
  • Continuous Learning and Creative Thinking – ability to learn, think in a logical way, to do well, proactive, and passion for continuous learning;
  • Diligence – showing care and effort in his/her work or duties, discipline, and hard-worker;
  • Service Orientation – passion and willingness to serve;
  • Work Performance – physically and mentally fit to do something.

Currently Job Open Positions:


  1. Male / Female, 21 - 23 years old;
  2. Fresh Graduate (Bachelor of law) with minimum GPA of 3.00 from reputable university;
  3. Able to communicate in English well (evidence of TOEFL score is preferable);
  4. Able to work under pressure and timely;
  5. Willing to work for 3 (three) months;
  6. Able to operate Microsoft Office (Power point, Excel, and words) and Internet

Job Descriptions:

  1. Assist and help Senior Partner and Partner for research the legal issues, jurisprudence, legal doctrine;
  2. Assist and help an Associate, Senior Partner and Partner for attending to the court and/or government institution (if necessary);
  3. Make article of law in dual language (Indonesian and English) which assigned by Article Manager;
  4. Answer International and Local Probono’s questions which delegated by International Probono Manager and Local Probono Manager;
  5. Find and make executive summaries, summaries of new regulation; and
  6. Involve in social and professional development activities of the Company.


  1. A hard worker with passion for learning and willingness to serve.
  2. Female, 22 - 30 years old.
  3. Fluency in English is a must, both writing and speaking (evidence of TOEFL score is preferable).
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in secretary or public relation with minimum GPA of 3.00 from reputable university (preferably from secretarial academy).
  5. Ability to work under pressure with a positive attitude and cope with tight deadlines.
  6. Ability to prioritize tasks and workloads, proactive as well as having good attention to detail.
  7. Have minimum working experience of 3 (three) years.
  8. Bright, charming, confident personality, well presented and highly personable.
  9. Excellent organizational and communication skills, both verbal and written.
  10. Good computer literacy, speed and accuracy essential (MS Office, Excel, Power point).
  11. Professional telephone manners and etiquette.
  12. Willing to travel when required.

Job Descriptions

Executive Secretary

  1. Assist the chief of executives, and partners on their schedules, correspondences, and daily duties, including going to a place as instructed by the chief of executive and partners;
  2. Assist administration of associates’ business trip or training event;
  3. Manage the personal folders of the chief of executive and partners and firm’s corporate files;
  4. Manage the chief of executives’ and partners’ business travel, including transportation and accommodation during the travel;
  5. Assist on the office administration of the firm;

Business Development

  1. Assist on the administration and implementation of marketing/business development (online and offline) of the firm;
  2. Coordinate marketing plan and strategy with the other plan or strategy from other divisions;
  3. Promoting a customer-oriented focus and advocating intimate client relationships;
  4. Be responsible on a client care program of the firm;
  5. Prepare and send offering letters, engagement letters and retainer contracts for prospective clients and existing clients;
  6. Update list of colleague, client and prospective client to the public server, and software Vertical Responses;
  7. Prepare and send greeting card, parcel every year on every event such as: Happy Ied Mubarak, Christmas; New Year, and Imlek;
  8. Prepare and send thank you card to colleagues and clients;

Office, Document Control, and Human Resources Administration  

  1. Manage and supervise the tasks of Driver, Office Boy and Courier;
  2. Manage the purchasing for all equipment and inventory of office;
  3. Review and approve supply requisitions for office;
  4. Ensure the document classification, sorting, filling and archiving is made properly;
  5. Perform document quality check in accordance with Company’s procedures;
  6. Perform file backup to ensure proper storage and archiving of electronic documents and registers;
  7. Supervise and control all intranet documents and professional development files.
  8. Manage, circulating and organizing library collection;
  9. Receive and register documents obtained from client, Company’s documents and other documents received by the Company;
  10. Manage all incoming letters or documents.
  11. Understand and manage the HR tools or HR software of the firm;
  12. Ensure that the HR tools or HR software of the firm runs smoothly without any issues;
  13. Ensure and regularly update job descriptions and job qualification for each function;
  14. Provide advice and assistance when conducting employee performance evaluation;
  15. Process employee requests for outside training while complying with polices and procedure;
  16. Provide assistance in developing human resource plan;
  17. Provide staff orientations;
  18. Monitor staff performance and attendance activities;
  19. Monitor daily attendance;
  20. Monitor scheduled absences such as holidays or travel and coordinate actions to ensure the staff absence has been adequately covered off to ensure continuity of services;
  21. Inform affected staff or residents of unexpected absences from work and coordinate actions ensuring the continuity of services such as cancellation of events and locating keys;
  22. Coordinate staff recruitment and selection process in order to ensure a timely organized and comprehensive procedure is used to hire staff;
  23. Prepare notices and advertisements for vacant staff positions;
  24. Schedule and organize interviews;
  25. Conduct reference checks on possible candidates;
  26. Inform unsuccessful applicant;
  27. Conduct exit interviews;
  28. Provide information and assistance to staff, supervisors and executive team on human resource and work-related issues.

If you are confident that you have fulfilled or are able to fulfill the our core values and interested to be part of the Leks&Co, please feel free to submit your application & CV by post to :

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    Testimonial From Past Employees:

    Working in Leks&Co as associate lawyer has been a great experience for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people and I have face the challenge of learning new skills. Thank you Pak Eddy and Leks&Co. – Jennyke Ludy Setiono, S.H., LLM – Associate
    I love working for Leks&Co as a Finance&Accounting. I have been able to develop myself both personally and professionally. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy to be a part of Leks&Co. – Vina Meylia, S.AB‎ – Finance and Accounting Manager

    I gain a lot of valuable knowledge, experience, and skills by working at Leks&Co. This benefits is very important for me and for my future. I believe Leks&Co can be a great law firm that will create high quality lawyers.Rama Mahendra, S.H – Associate

    “I will recommend this firm for fresh graduate because it gives many knowledges and an opportunity to develop some legal skills.
    As a considerations to work in this firm again in the future:
    This firm trains me to have analytical thinking
    I work closely with partner – Exori Claudia Purba, S.H – Internship

    Leks&Co is filled with young, energetic, and creative lawyers. It was a great experience and I am honored to be part of this organization. Since joining, I realized that Leks&Co is fully committed to offer the highest level of services to its clients. Leks&Co also offers to those who want to have a great place to grow and develop as a law professional.Aditya Rahardiyan, S.H., M.H. – Associate

    Leks&Co is a thriving law firm with highly motivated and qualified partners, associates and staff members. My experience as a foreign intern here was of great added value to my education and professional experience.Simone Grondsma LL.M. – Internship