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Indonesia Lawyer, Legal Column in Property&Bank Magazine by Eddy Leks, Titled “(Belum) Saatnya Dire Dimanfaatkan”

Indonesia Lawyer, Eddy Leks wrote an article of Hukum Property titled “(Belum) Saatnya Dire Dimanfaatkan.” published in Property&Bank magazine – January edition.

Lawfirm Jakarta, Awarded as the Winner as Property Law Firm of the Year – Indonesia by Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine


Guideline For Implementation of The Provision On Tax Consultant (Regulation of the Director General of Taxes Number 13 Year 2015)

Background Director General of Taxes has promulgated a Regulation of the Director General of Taxes Number PER-13/PJ/2015, dated  March 10, 2015 (“RDG Taxes”) intended to give legal certainty and enhance […]