Jakarta, 2022. We are glad to announce that our Managing Partner, Dr. Eddy M. Leks, has obtained his Doctoral degree on Philosophy (Law) from STF Driyarkarya in June 2022.

Mr. Leks has joined Driyarkara in the past 5 years to study philosophy. On the first year, he had to join the matriculation class to prepare himself on the philosophy study since he was not a graduate of philosophy. Afterwards, he then enrolled to a doctoral program. He completed his study in 4 years. His research was focusing mainly on John Finnis, a foremost philosopher of law on modern natural law. In his disseration, he also inserted two philosophers’ namely Thomas Aquinas and Robert Alexy. Thomas Aquinas was also considered as main authority on classical natural law. While Alexy can also be considered as one of the modern natural law philosophers. He has successfully defended his disseration titled, An Unjust Legal Norm: A Critical Response to the Discourse between John Finnis and Robert Alexy (Norma Hukum yang Tidak Adil: Suatu Tanggapan Kritis terhadap Diskursus antara John Finnis dan Robert Alexy). The book has been published by Citra Aditya in the late 2022.

We thank for the continuous support from all our clients, colleagues, and team members who have made his achievement possible.

Eddy M. Leks is ranked in Band 1 by Chambers, listed as Leading Lawyer on Real Estate by Legal500, included in the A-list 100 top Indonesian lawyers, and recognized as Market-leading Lawyer on Real Estate, as well as Dispute Resolution Star by Benchmark Litigation.

If you have any queries, you may contact us through query@lekslawyer.com, visit our website www.lekslawyer.com or visit our real estate law blogs i.e., www.hukumproperti.com and www.indonesiarealestatelaw.com

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