Jakarta, May 2023. Leks&Co, an Indonesian law firm, has successfully defended its client in an appeal statge of an environmental case in Siak. The firm has defended its client on the first stage where the unlawful act claim was declined. The appeal was also declined since the judex facti of the High Court agreed with the considerations by the judex facti of the District Court of Siak.

The High Court instructed the trial to be reopened for further examination of some witnesses submitted by the claimant. Those witnesses however did not attend the hearing despite proper summons by the court. The judex facti of High Court also assessed the submission of statement by two witnesses out of court. The judges considered that the testimony given out of court, even though it was made before the Notary, does not have evidentiary value and therefore must be set aside as evidence of the case. Mr. Leks said, “The judges once again reaffirm the importance of adherence to the civil procedural law and understanding of the substantive evidentiary value in the trial proceeding.”

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