Article of Eddy Leks on Property&Bank Magazine - March 2016


Property&Bank magazine March edition published a legal column entitled “Simpang Siur Izin Lokasi” written by Eddy Leks, the Managing Partner of Leks&Co.

The article discusses the confusion of location permit in order to utilize the space. As it is known that spatial planning regulation requires each of individual to own a license to utilize the space before utilization is implemented. Further regulation stipulates that zoning usage permit can be a principle license, location permit, usage and utilization of land permit, building construction permit and any other licenses according to the regulation. According to local authorities based on local autonomy, land use permit is granted by local government. Although the spatial law, location permit and local law are clearly regulated, there are still various distortions and different views on this matter. To read more about this article, please click here.

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