Last Friday, 21 July 2017, Muhamad Gufron talked about M&A Lawyer Tasks In Minimising Value Destruction In M&A Transactions at Leks&Co office.

on this session, outline of his presentation include :

1. Introduction

2. Impact of Destruction

3. M&A Lawyer Tasks

4. Key Success Factors To Prevent Value Destruction

5. Common Mistakes

6. The Suggested Stages Model

7. Conclusion

Main focus of his presentation examine how statistics frequently show value destruction with the indication range from 50 to 70 % or even higher for failure rates of such combinations (Rush, 2016)

and the question about what makes a number of corporate restructuring that seemed become appropriate measures, may end up with destruction.

If you have any queries about this session, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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