On this article he mentions on Handoko, a lawyer, who filed a claim through a district court  to  annul  the  Instruction  Letter  of Vice  Governor DIY Number  898/I/ A/1975  on Prohibition  of Owner­ ship  of Land  Right  for  Non-Indigenous  Citizens.  As  re­ported  by Kompas.com  on  March  1,  2018, the  claim  was rejected  and Handoko  now  intends  to  file an  appeal.

The  agrarian  law  notes  that  prior  to  its  promulga­tion,  there  exists  many  different  treatments  between groups  of peoples  in Indonesia.  This  treatment  com­plicates  the  matter  and  is not  in  accordance  with  the unitary  goals  of the  nation.  This  is one  of the  reasons why  the  agrarian  law  does  not  differentiate  between indigenous  and  non-indigenous,  but between  Indone­sian  nationals  and  Indonesian  non-nationals.  How­ever,  Jogja  has  an  executive  order  that  clearly  uses  the terminology  of ‘non-indigenous’.  This  maybe  seen  as a setback  to  our  goal  of maintaining  national  unity.

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