CEO of Leks&Co, Eddy Leks, writes a law article titled “Pengembangan Kawasan Berorientasi Transit, Bagian II” (Transit-Oriented Area Development, Part II) as published in property section of Property&Bank Magazine.

On the previous part, the article summarizes the new ministerial regulation on TOD, that it will focus on the transportation hub and connect it with the surrounding areas, including residential, commercial, and public facilities. In this second part, the article explains in more detail the environmental criteria of the TOD region which is divided to be 3 regions. They are the location of the public area which is at the closest distance to the transit node in the range of approximately 5 minutes walking distance (400 meters radius); the location of the commercial area which is within the range of approximately 5 minutes walking distance (400 meters radius) and closest to the transit function; the residential area which is located outside the commercial core area with a range of approximately 10 minutes walking distance (800 meters radius).

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