Jakarta, April 2023. Dr. Eddy M. Leks, Managing Partner of Jakarta-based law firm Leks&Co, has written an article titled “ Is deceit grounds to cancel an arbitration award?” as published in Lexology.com. The article discusses how deceit can be used as grounds to cancel an arbitration award through a public court. He explains that under the Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Law, an arbitration award can be cancelled if it was derived from the deception of one of the parties in an arbitration proceeding, and both the existence of deceit and the fact that “the award was derived from [a deceit]” must be proven to cancel it. Dr. Leks also emphasizes that deceit should be seen as a civil act related to the submission of evidence in the arbitration proceeding.

Dr. Leks has been registered as Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He has experiences as counsel in national and international arbitration proceeding. He is regarded as Litigation Star by Benchmark Litigation.

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