Jakarta, July 2021. Post Job Creation Law of 2020, the social function of land rights is extended. Not only that no one is allowed to abandon their land, but it is also legally (and socially) wrong if one abandons their possessed area. An abandoned area is defined as a non-forest area that has not been attached to the land right. Still, it already obtains a license or concession or business license that is intentionally not worked, not used, and/or not utilized. Before Job Creation Law, the land law only focused on abandoned land. Now, it adds abandoned areas as part of its regulated provision.

The Job Creation Law stipulates that the right, license, or concession over land and/or area intentionally not utilized or abandoned in 2 years, the longest since it was granted, is revoked and returned to the state. The regulation stipulates that the object of abandoned areas is mining, plantation, industrial, tourism, large-scale residential, or other areas. It can be understood that the regulation has vast jurisdiction when it comes to abandoned areas. Writing his legal view, Eddy Leks says, “This is a stricter measure by the government to the businessman to force them not to keep the land as land banks only (unutilized) but to really work on it once they acquired it.”

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