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Indonesia Real Estate Lawyers – Eddy Leks’ Opinion Published in The Jakarta Post

The Jakarta post, a daily newspaper, published an opinion of Eddy Leks, a lawyer at Leks&Co, an Indonesian law firm, on 25 April 2017. His opinion titled “Is Canceling HGB […]

Jakarta Law Firm – Leks&Co Sponsors Legal Journal by Universitas Atma Jaya

Lek&co sponsors the publication of a legal journal titled “ASEAN Community: Regionalism, State of the Play and The Way Forward. Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta prepared and published this journal from […]

Leks&Co Successfully Defends PT Lubuk Sumber Jaya Over Transfer of Shares Dispute in State Administrative Court of Jakarta

Leks&Co has represented PT Lubuk Sumber Jaya and one of the shareholders of PT Lubuk Sumber Jaya as defendants to defend the object of claim, i.e. decision and receipt of […]

Jakarta Law Firm – Welcomed One of Our Valuable Client, PT Indonesia Paradise Property, Tbk.

We are glad to announce that our firm welcomed representatives of PT Indonesia Paradise Property, Tbk., one of our firm’s valuable client, in a meeting on Wednesday, 1 February 2017. […]

Lawfirm Jakarta – Leks&Co Held an Iftar Celebration


Lawfirm Jakarta – Seminar on Condominium  Law at BOMA International Building and Facility Management 2016

    On 30 March 2016, birthday of our firm Leks&Co, our CEO Eddy Leks spoke on Indonesia condominium law, focusing on the developer’s perspective. He covered the understanding of […]

Lawfirm Jakarta – Guideline and Procedure for Controlling Capital Investment Operation

Background Head of Capital Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia has issued the Regulation Number 17 of 2015 on the Guideline and Procedure for Controlling Capital Investment Operation (“PERKA BKPM 17/2015”), […]