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Guideline of Arrangement And Development of Traditional Market, Shopping Centre, And Modern Market

Provisions on guideline of arrangement and development of traditional market, shopping centre, and modern market are particularly regulated in Minister of Trade Regulation No. 70/M-DAG/PER/12/2013 (“MR No. 70/2013”) as amended […]

Law Number 20 of 1961 on Revocation of Rights of Land and the Objects Over The Land

Under Article 1 of Law Number 20 of 1961 on Revocation of Rights of Land and/or Objects Over the Land (“Law No.20/1961″), President in an urgent circumstance after hearing the […]

The Legal Status and Power of Tenant Association

In a strata title concept, there is unit of strata title that can be owned separately and also jointly common equipment, common facility, and common land in line with the […]

Legal Aspect of Right to Cultivate (HGU) and its Regulation

Definition and Legal Basis Based on Article 28 paragraph (1) Law No. 5 of 1960 on Basic Provisions on Agrarian  (“UUPA”), Right to Cultivate is the right to cultivate the […]

Summary Of District Regulation of DKI Jakarta Number 8 Year 2007 Concerning Public Order

Background To bring into reality a living in Jakarta that is more orderly, peaceful, comfortable, clean and beautiful, a regulation relating public order is required to protect the citizens and […]

Strata Title Ownership for Foreigner and Foreign Entity in Indonesia

Indonesia as a developing country is one of the investment destination for developed countries to expand their global business activities. That is why more foreigners domiciled in Indonesia to do […]

Legal Status of a Property over the Right to Manage

Not all land has a pure rights over land. There is a Right to Manage (Hak Pengelolaan Lahan – HPL) over some lands, like in some areas in DKI Jakarta, […]