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Legal Status of a Property over the Right to Manage

Not all land has a pure rights over land. There is a Right to Manage (Hak Pengelolaan Lahan – HPL) over some lands, like in some areas in DKI Jakarta, […]

Legal Aspects of Building in Indonesia

Buildings are made to support people’s need of spaces. Building has many functions such as work space, business place, education place, recreation place and many more. In developing countries, especially […]

Parties That Can Be Involved In Legal Conflicts in Condominium

A life in condominium is different from life in ordinary house. Tenants not only have next door neighbours but also have upstairs and downstair neighbours. In condominium there is also the governing […]

Summary of Government Regulation No. 41 of 1996 on Residences Ownership by Foreigners Who

The purpose of the Government Regulation No. 41 of 1996 (the “GR No. 41″) is to give a legal certainty for foreigners who own property in Indonesia. Foreigners who are […]

Property Ownership for Foreigner and Foreign Entity Based on Draft of New Government Regulation

The Government of Indonesia has been trying to find a way to provide more flexibility for a foreigner and foreign entity to own a property in Indonesia. One of the […]

Exclusive Breast Feeding

The purpose of the issuance of Government Regulation Number 33 of 2012 on Exclusive Breast Feeding (“GR No. 33/2012”) is to implement the provisions of Article 129 paragraph (2) of […]

Law on Housing and Habitation

On 12 January 2011, the Government issued the Law Number 1 of 2011 on Housing and Habitation (“Housing Law“). By the issuance of this law, the existed law on housing […]