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Increase of Capital

Background A Limited Liability Companies (“Company”) may gain their capital by increasing its capital, the process is performed based on General Meeting Shareholder’s (“GMS”) Resolution. According to Article 41 paragraph […]

Transfer of Ownership of Foreign Shares

Background The application for transfer of ownership of foreign shares can be submitted either by foreign investment company or by domestic investment company. The transfer of ownership of foreign shares […]

Classification of Shares in Limited Liability Companies

Share is a proof that shareholders have conducted a full deposit of capital in Limited Liability Companies (“Company”). Shares in Company are classified based on similar characteristics, it is called […]

Government Regulation Number 47 of 2012 on Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limi

Background The purpose of the issuance of Government Regulation Number 47 of 2012 on Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limited Liability Company (“GR No. 47/2012“) is to implement the provisions […]
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Cooperative Law In Indonesia

New Law Number 17 of 2012 on Cooperative has been promulgated on 30 October 2012 (“Cooperative Law“). This Cooperative Law has revoked the previous law of 1992. Establishment and Article […]

Requirement For Commercial Banks To Undertake Business Activities In Foreign Currency

Circular letter of the head of Banking Research and Regulation Department of Bank Indonesia Number 15/27/DPNP of 19 July 2013 (hereinafter referred to as ‘Circular No. 15/27/DPNP’) regulates provisions on […]

The Mineral and Coal Mining in Indonesia

Background  Formerly, mining was regulated with Law No. 11 of  1967 on Basic Regulation on Mining (“Law No. 11 of  1967″). But with the highly development  of  mining, nationally and internationally, […]