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Sertifikasi Lahan 2017  Defisit Anggaran Rp1 7 Triliun

Indonesia Lawyer – Eddy Leks’ view is quoted by

Sofyan A. Djalil, Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Affairs/Head of National Land Office, urges that private companies should participate in CSR program to help government program especially land reform […]
real estate expert listing

Indonesian Lawyer – Eddy Leks Listed as Construction and Real Estate Expert in Euromoney Expertguides

We are pleased to share that Eddy Leks, CEO and Managing Partner of Leks&Co, is listed as a construction and real estate expert in Euromoney Expertguides for 2017. EXPERTGUIDES takes […]
property&bank article

Lawyer Indonesia – Loan To Value Ratio and Financing to Value for Property

Article of our Eddy Leks featured in Property&Bank magazine Eddy Leks’ article titled, “Loan to Value Ratio and Financing to Value for Property” discusses that the rate of Loan To […]
the jakarta post article

Jakarta Lawyer – Eddy Leks Quoted by TheJakartaPost newspaper in its Post: GOVT EYES CORPORATE MONEY TO PROMOTE LAND REFORM

Our lawyer Eddy Leks was interviewed by The Jakarta Post daily newspaper to give comments on land reform program in Indonesia, especially whether or not the government is able to […]
Tiga Mal yang Disebut Prabowo  Tidak Berdiri di Tanah Negara

Jakarta Lawyer – Eddy Leks Quoted by in its Post: Three Malls are not situated over State Land

Our lawyer Eddy Leks was interviewed by to give comments on several shopping centers that have allegedly been constructed over state land in Jakarta. He responds that state land […]
road to legal certainty over lan aquisition by eddy leks

Eddy Leks’s Article: Road To Legal Certainty Over Land Acquisition, Published in Thought Leadership by EXPERTGUIDES.

Eddy Leks, CEO of Leks&Co, writes an article titled “Road to Legal Certainty over Land Acquisition” as published in Thought Leadership by EXPERTGUIDES. The article discusses the classic problem between […]
seminar eddy leks

Lawyer Indonesia – Seminar on Real Estate Agent Certification

Our Managing Partner Eddy Leks, will be one of the speakers in a professional certification of real estate agent seminar that will be held on 22 March 2017 at Jakarta […]